Tuesday, October 11, 2011

why do you cry?

I miss her. Yesterday. Today. Tomorrow.
Life must move forward.
I have to push through the bad days.
Some days, every inch of my body wants to let the sadness seep through my pores.
Some days I don’t allow myself to think about details.
Some days it doesn’t matter what I do, the cruel reality consistently slaps me in the face.
I have to push through the bad days.
Even though she is gone, my life is moving forward.
A future.
My future.
An only child…
No sister to run to when I get engaged,
Funny … those aren’t the things (yet) that hurl me into my blackouts.
It’s driving home without her on a sunny day, walking around the mall, lazy Sunday afternoons, inside jokes, rude banter, spicy potatoes, friday nights and saturday mornings, and not having someone there who understands me.
Bad days.
I miss my best friend.
Bad days.
She never escapes my mind.
Bad days.
I have to push through the bad days...
Head up.

One day at a time.
R.I.P. Little sister. I miss you and love you so very, very much.


Clara Turbay said...

I like what you post i hope you check out my blog.


She said...

I love you. and her. I may not "understand" all the time, but we'll push through these days - and our lives will move forward.
I promise.