Friday, October 21, 2011

maybe i'm just too damn serious

You know we all play some sort of a game.
Some are worth it. Some probably aren’t.
Some are only to keep you entertained.
Some you don’t realize are games until the game is over.
But what if you’re tired of it?
What if you don’t want to play – ever again?
When is enough, enough?
He keeps the conversation light. Sexy. I know exactly what he wants.
But that is not what I want.
It is fun. A playful chemistry.
But when is enough, enough?
Is enough something you see written - possibly - read out of context?
Is enough a rhythmic bore of the same shit, different day?
Or do you call it enough when time after time, you find yourself in different, yet exactly the same predicament?
I think I’ve had it. I’ve had my share of hollow, heavy, attempts trying.
I’m just not into it anymore.
No thanks, I think enough is finally enough for me.
Until the next game begins, anyway.

1 comment:

Ianstein said...

bahaha I thought that piece was going to end in real serious "I just dont give a damn" statement. Then I saw the last line...Made me smile.