Saturday, October 15, 2011

my big brave boy

I love my bird. I really do.

He makes me smile, laugh, and never fails to lift my spirits if I'm having an "off" day....

But boy, is he weird...

· Surfs on my towel when I put my hair up after I shower… then he completely stops surfing if I take it off of my head and put it on the table/ground/ etc.

· Snuggles like a dog LITERALLY. in my bed - he nuzzles up to my neck and SLEEPS.

· Dances - to music, or just when he gets happy :) and whistles... whistles like a madman!

· Picky eater – He loves butter. yes, plain. I do NOT give this to him, but if he could eat it straight from the tub, he would. same with Ranch dressing and mayonaise! ewww!

· Flips upside down – to get attention in his cage. I call it showing off, or his 'monkey pose'. It's so funny to watch him to this. I will put him away, and immediately he runs over and flips on his back!

· Licks the salt off my fingers - another werid habit he has, that i do NOT let him do. Crazy bird.
· Hops - when he wants to get somewhere fast, but doesn't want to fly.

· Flies certain places and sometimes, then won’t fly at other times - just like a person, I think he simply gets too "lazy"  ... although I would think that flying would be alot easier than WALKING when you're a BIRD!
despite all the quirks and the time and attention he requires, he's still my big brave boy and i love heem, love heem :)

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Ianstein said...

Nice Pic...Love it...such a handsome young man. I kinda miss him....kinda. :)