Monday, January 28, 2013

back to reality...

I really took advantage of the holidays and the generous time off that I had.

My big work trip was also coupled into that spread of time - which was a great refresher to regain momentum!

Here are a few snapshots from the work portion of the trip:
crazy elevators...
the drive
Home for the week! The Hilton
the view
dinner :)
Good Morning :)
room service <3
outfit of the day!
the view
dinner setting
the view
outfit of the day!
sleepy bear...
*fresh off the runway*
the drive
mmm that sky...
the drive

Saturday, January 5, 2013

BBW & a Bag

I picked up some more home fragrance items.....
I needed to stock up on wallflower scents :)

2 small adorable candle holders
2 small marshmallow fireside candles
2 medium fireside candles
2 large candle holders
3 wallflower plugins
5 boxes of double wallflower scents
- 2 marshmallow fireside
- 1 sensual amber
- 1 island colada
- 1 candy apple
1 single cider lane wallflower scent
1 single holiday wallflower scent

I also splurged and got a new bag.

I have plenty of bags, clutches, and totes, but this one... I couldn't resist!!!