Wednesday, October 12, 2011

san antonio. spurs.

“We are “spur of the moment” people … we just never “spur”!”

That’s what my best friend said to me years and years ago. It was one of those things that – reflecting back – uses slightly dumb logic , but at the time we laughed SO hard our bellies ached. One of those lines that just kind of stuck. We still quote that to each other from time to time, insisting we do enjoy life and all of the adventures it has to offer – but somehow we find ourselves wrapped in the content bliss that is our own little world.
I’m still working on that…
Two weeks ago, a friend of mine from high school contacted me (I hadn’t talked to him – besides the occasional “how are you” via facebook) and told me he was going to fly me out to Texas to see him. Of course, only if I would oblige.
could I say no?
I suppose I could have. But that would be another “non-spur”, ...another opportunity turned down, and another experience eluded from my fingertips.

Plus, I want to take pictures.
So – I am excited to announce my vacation this year will be to a small town in Texas, with a fun guy I haven’t seen in ages.
I’m flying into San Antonio.
I’m pretty pumped.

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