Sunday, October 30, 2011

Jumping Juniper

I was a huge skeptic about the Lush Shampoo bars. After trying it once, my mind had been made up.
I am now a huge fan of them.
Jumping Juniper shampoo bar says it’s meant for oily hair – hence the reason I bought it. I was hoping it would free my hair of the dreaded “second day grease build up” lol.
I actually thought I was going to LOVE the smell. I ordered it online, because of the claims Lush made about it drying up that grease! I got it, and when I used it – the smell is NOT impressive. It isn’t HORRIBLE, but it isn’t delightful either. It doesn’t “stick” in your hair – you won’t even smell it when your hair dries… but it was just kind of blah, as I used it….
The functionality of this shampoo bar – is a different story.
Talk about drying…. If you have grease issues, I would 110% recommend this shampoo bar. I thought I had oily hair… until I used this a few times in a row. It completely dried up my scalp, forcing me to buy Head and Shoulders for my newly acquired dandruff! Sounds sick, I know… but it proves my point that this shampoo bar does what it says it will do.
Now, I only pull out Jumping Juniper if I know it will be a long weekend where I won’t be able to wash my hair – or if I haven’t used it in a while, to keep the oil at bay.
Overall, I would only recommend this to anyone with really and I mean really oily hair….  For all of us others, you could use it as a “once in a while random” shampoo, or just try a different shampoo bar more suited to your needs. The smell isn’t worth buying if you don’t really need the oil control.

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