Tuesday, October 4, 2011


This morning the sunrise was another stunning sight. It was one of my favorite - a cotton candy sky.

I was unable to snap a picture of the glorious wonder that is mother nature - I was on the phone with my own mother, thus drinking in the view with only a snapshot locked to memory.

For the past week it has been rainy and rather gloomy. This week it is supposed to warm up... and it has!

These are the kind of days that move me to yearn for autumn. Something about the chill, with a warm sun beating down - the colors, and how the leaves fall... begging for eyes to watch their playful grace.

I wish I could live in these days forever...

Flashback...warm nights
Almost left behind...
Suitcase of memories...

'Time after Time' Cyndi Lauper

1 comment:

Ianstein said...

Love the pics, and I wish I could describe things like you.

Favorite Quote:
"begging for eyes to watch their playful grace."

What is that gray matter that is in the shadow pic? Love it !!

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