Monday, October 10, 2011

revenge is sweet...

So a handful of my girlfriends and I started watching the new 'Revenge' show a few weeks ago. We DVR it (because we are too old to stay up until 11pm on a Wed night lol) and watch it on Thursdays at 8pm. Every week someone brings a dessert. Last week it was apples with caramel and chocolate dipping sauces. This week, our 'baker' friend made a chocolate chip cookie pie. yes. it was amazing.

I guess I should start practicing my baking skills, for when it's my week! ah!

Halloween decorations were in full swing when I got over to the house. She had decorations that were SO darling! I was glad I brought my camera :)

I lick the gun
when I'm done
cuz I know that revenge is sweet

Rihanna 'Russian Roulette'


Sabrina and Geneviève said...

OMG that pie looks delicious :) :o
Sabrina xoxo

Cléo said...

Uau!!! Amei seu blog, é muito diversificado! Parabéns.