Sunday, October 16, 2016

Home is...

I remember when I first moved to Texas.

I came with an open mind, an eager heart, and high hopes for the days ahead.

I've grown professionally, and personally... so much, that I wouldn't recognize the girl who left the cold north for new adventures in the southern sun.

Things weren't always easy - but they always taught me something and led me to a better place.

Sometimes you don't have control over where life takes you... and sometimes you do.

I am excited to announce I have decided to move closer to home.

 I loved Texas, and Oklahoma will forever have a piece of my heart... but now it is time to begin a familiar, yet brand new adventure <3

Monday, June 13, 2016

Oh, the Places You'll Go!

It's been a minute. 

Over a year, actually... and the neglect for my little "piece" here has never been far from my mind. I guess that's what life does, though. Gets busy, and we make excuses. 

So, once again - I am back on the wagon with good intentions :)

Alot has happened since mid 2015.
Most notably, I left Texas and moved to Oklahoma. 

I never imagined myself leaving Texas, but Oklahoma has stolen a piece of my heart. I'm so thankful for my time and experiences here thus far.

I turned 31 a few months ago, and I'm also back in the dating game. It's been interesting, to say the least. Sometimes life just has plans for you, that you never would have imagined!

I've got alot to catch you up on. 

Saturday, April 9, 2016

White Horse

It was late.
I was getting impatient.

We were all waiting on you.
I didn't know you, and I didn't care to.
I already thought you rude for making us wait.

I just knew I wasn't going to like you.

That was, until you showed up.....

I remember hearing the news that you had finally arrived. A few moments later, you and your group walked up. I turned my head, and remember catching your gaze for the first time. I tried frantically not to allow my face to show what my heart just felt. I had never felt so instantly connected to someone. I knew you felt it too, because I watched your eyes as others came and greeted you... they always seemed to find their way back to me quietly, but with intent. My insides filled with joy each time I caught you stealing a moment to look my way.

In the same moment our eyes first met, I knew I had to figure out a way to get you to come with us.

I wasn't going to beg, but I made sure the invitation was present. Your words told a different story than your eyes, and after a bit of conversation between you and the rest of the group.... I truly did not think you were going to spend the rest of your evening with us when you convincingly said "No". I thought I had quickly lost and found my White Knight, with only so much as getting to say "hello".

Your eyes proved to be telling me the truth though... and at the last minute, my door opened, you hopped in with your beautiful smile, and squeezed in closely next to me. I felt my face flush with excitement. You had made my entire weekend with one gesture. I tried not to smile because I knew if I did - I might not stop.

My senses felt heightened with you around. Each touch, or small move your hand made across my shoulder, every bump on the dirt road that adjusted our bodies closer made me lose my breath. I couldn't focus on anything but you.

...that's how it is for me when you're around.

Later, we sat by the campfire as we shared stories, smiles, intimate details, and shared songs with one another as you offered me your jacket so I would stay warm.

If I believed in love at first sight... I'd swear on my soul we found it that night.

In the small hours of the morning, after everyone had crept to their caves and drifted into the darkness... You found the courage to touch my face and bring my mouth to meet yours. I again found myself in disbelief. Your lips were flawless and unrivaled, like I've never experienced. It was as if you were a reflection to everything I did, a delicious explosion I was unaware existed in this life.

You were absolute magic to me.

Alone with you, I silently wished on every star I could see, that the night wouldn't end. Neither of us were ready to let go. We found solace together, in a space that was less than ideal for you - but you obliged for my comfort.

We snuggled down, held hands and allowed sleep to momentarily pull us apart.

2 hours later, the sun must have awaken you...

"Good morning, beautiful."
That was the first thing I heard, as my eyes softly peeked open.
... and there you were.

Like a fairytale dream that didn't stop when I awoke.
I smiled, and you looked at me how you always do...
like I was suddenly going to disappear,
like you already knew you were going to miss me,
like it was the last time you'd ever see me,
...and maybe you thought it was.

We had to say goodbye, reluctantly we did... but not forever.

I hold on to memories with you tightly...
I will cherish them and the night you rode into my life on your white horse.