Thursday, October 6, 2011

the boy of summer

For as much as I adore the autumn season, saying goodbye to summer is disheartening this year. Of course, saying goodbye to the warm weather is always hard – but this year I had such a resonating, genuinely “happy” few months of summer that I am torn between looking back at those beautiful summer nights, and looking forward to my love of fall and my unyielding curiosity to what lies in store for me.
I will miss pool volleyball and cold light beers on muggy nights. Fireworks and flares on the lake with my hood pulled tight so as to prevent the wind from tangling my hair. Late night cigarettes on the patio, some good music, some bad. Strong coffee in the morning, and feeling “domestic” as I cut up tomatoes in the beautiful kitchen. I will remember feeling appreciated, and wanted. Special. I will remember being excited for something unknown. Feeling young. Late night run to McDonalds, renting too many movies to possibly be watched in one night. Laughing. Teasing. Playing. I will remember melting into those tired eyes as I wake. I will remember the stolen kisses and the youthful spirit he pulled out of me.
These mental possessions I was blessed to acquire over the beautiful, 3 month duration that is summer, I will try to keep close to me as my life draws the curtain for the next act to begin.

"Morning babe"


She said...


the next act will be on before you know it, amazing girl.

Caradee: Fashion GirlOnTheGo said...

I found your blog & love it :)
So true, missing summer but autumn brings great weather too!