Sunday, October 23, 2011

bits and peaces

Chico and I have been listening to my ipod and the radio alot. He loves to sit RIGHT on the radio - like it's his own personal soundtrack or something! lol.

I'm addicted to painting lately. Not that I'm any good, but I find it's a great outlet for my wannabe-creative side... and it keeps be busy for a long time!

I decided to get a tanning membership (gasp!) for the month before I go to TX. I don't want a sunburn to ruin my trip - I want to enjoy the weather. I'm loving the glow I'm getting and this lotion I bought to use. It smells good, without being overbearing - and works amazingly well on my pale skin.

Also, it doesn't have bronzers in it (not a huge fan) so there's no streaking or worrying about the fuss of putting it on just right.

I'm also hooked on black nail polish this month. I go in spurts with black nail polish, but I think this month I'm loving it extra becuase of Halloween being just around the corner!

“Time stands still best in moments that look suspiciously like ordinary life.”
             - Brian Andreas

(I also fell madly in love with the work of Brian Andreas. If you've never familiarized yourself with his work you should. I'm on a mission to buy every single one of his books!)


Dani said...

These are all beautiful, I especially like the final image of your hands!

Also, sorry for the late reply as I've fallen behind on posting my photos each day on my photo a day blog due to some personal things, but I've answered your question on cameras and rain here


She said...

did you paint that one!? it looks beeeautiful! I dig it.