Wednesday, October 5, 2011

the scent of a woman

Over the summer I kind of went overboard on purchasing perfumes...

This picture was taken off my phone, so I apologize for the lack of detail and clarity.

I love them all.

No, I didn't buy all that you see here just this summer. It's my collection :) Missing a few, though. I keep some in my bathroom and some on a little shelf above my jewelry stand.

I love men's cologne, too... I think it is horribly unfair for women to be confined to the scent of only womens perfume.

Currently, I've been obsessing over a throwback: VS "Supermodel"

Do I wear all of these, you ask? Yes. of course. Some more than others, but I love matching my scent for the day to my mood or outfit.

... oh, the scent of a woman.

1 comment:

Jenny said...

wow great collection! :) i love perfume but it's such an expensive addiction!

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