Friday, December 31, 2010

What a wonderful world

So for Christmas I got spoiled! I received the camera I have been wanting for quite some time now! I think I took like 500 pictures over the weekend lol. default test subjects were the animals :)
Also, I went to LUSH for the first time! I was so excited I wanted to buy one of everything! The picture above is my Caique parrot Chico opening one of my LUSH gifts :) He had a great time with it! lol. They had a buy one, get one free sale on all of their Christmas gifts and such so it was the perfect day to make my first stop! I have only tried a few of their items but I bought a ton and so far I love them. I was overwhelmed with trying to choose what I wanted! I will let you know what my favorites and least favorites were out of what I got.

I used the BIG shampoo today and I was happy with how it lathered up. It is a weird texture so I was nervous but it cleaned my hair SO WELL. My hair didn't end up smelling like much of anything, but that was good because the shampoo itself doesn't smell extremely pleasant anyways :)

Well, I hope you all have a wonderful New Years Eve, and enjoy your last night in 2010. I know I am definitely welcoming 2011 with open arms.

Any New Years Resolutions? I'm still deciding on mine... maybe going to try to quit my diet coke addiction.... maybe ;)

Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Vacation...Finally!

Last Thursday I had my last final for this semester. I am so excited to have some free time for myself! I’m thinking a mini-makeover night sometime soon J I like to do that once in a while… you know, take a bubble bath, pedicure, face mask, foot scrub, etc… just to feel like I’m being pampered. Because let’s face it, I definitely don’t have the money to pay to be pampered!! I used to love those face masks that were all mud and oats and big ol’ chunks of crap but as I got older I started to feel like they would break me out. . . So now I use the Clean & Clear mask that works well, but I am definitely up to try a good mud mask if anyone has any suggestions for me!
It’s funny how school can be such a pain in the butt yet sometimes it can make you feel so empowered. Yesterday I hated the class I had my final for today… seriously… I did NOT want to study and it was curse the world. Lol. Don’t worry, I put on my “big girl panties” and studied, but then today after my exam I felt like I could do anything! Like …”rawr” J I think the day to day routine of school gets hectic and stressful but the overall feeling you get when you know you are doing something worthwhile and beneficial for yourself is what keeps us on track.
OK, OK, I know, enough about school. I’m on Christmas vacation!!! Woot woot! Christmas last year was tough because it was the first year my sister and I didn’t open presents together on Christmas morning. This year I think will be easier than last because I have already done it once. That and I love getting my parents gifts they wouldn’t normally buy for themselves. Even though my mom is the hardest person in the world to try and spoil. She makes it impossible! . . . Also my besssst friend is coming to visit in 3 weeks! I am so excited to see her! I got to see her for about 2 days last year during spring break but that is NOT enough time for best friends! Lol. Although, I must say this year we got turned on to SKYPE. OMG! Like a newfound TREAUSURE! Haha. The first couple weeks we got it we would Skype for HOURS on end. Thank god for Skype is all I gotta say J
I need to start thinking of my new year’s resolution?....
Until next time …

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Hello world...

    So I have been thinking about starting a blog for quite some time now… I guess it took me so long to start because I have no idea what I will blog about! I have racked my brain and I suppose this will fall into the  category "miscellaneous". Lol. Kind of like my personality. I am seriously across the map! For my first blog, I figured its only right for an intro, so that's what you're getting :) 
    I'm 25, and I have a bird named Chico. He looks sweet, but don't let the looks fool you :) I want to get an english bulldog.  I think....They're friggin adorable! I definitely will have one someday, and I know it will be worth the wait. here's some silly facts about mmmuah…
  1. I dislike cilantro and olives. Ew.
  2. I like to read (when I have the time)
  3.  I am a sucker for cartoons on TV.... I mean like, the kid cartoons that 25 year olds shouldn't be entertained by lol.
  4. Secretly I wish I had the courage to chop all my hair off and rock a Rihanna cut… buuuuut I am a wimp and probably never will.

    One of the most life-changing experiences I have had to deal with so far was losing my little sister in May of 2009 to Lupus. She was my best friend and better half :) Since then my family and the wonderful people of the Lupus Alliance have started a Lupus support group in my hometown and as well have begun a lupus memorial walk in my sisters memory. It's a  wonderful feeling to see the Lords blessings work in your life.

    I'm sure you will learn more as this blog progresses and I'm sure I will too! As for right now, I will say expect a lot of random topics from me because I am quite random! Lol. Thanks for tuning in :)