Monday, June 13, 2016

Oh, the Places You'll Go!

It's been a minute. 

Over a year, actually... and the neglect for my little "piece" here has never been far from my mind. I guess that's what life does, though. Gets busy, and we make excuses. 

So, once again - I am back on the wagon with good intentions :)

Alot has happened since mid 2015.
Most notably, I left Texas and moved to Oklahoma. 

I never imagined myself leaving Texas, but Oklahoma has stolen a piece of my heart. I'm so thankful for my time and experiences here thus far.

I turned 31 a few months ago, and I'm also back in the dating game. It's been interesting, to say the least. Sometimes life just has plans for you, that you never would have imagined!

I've got alot to catch you up on. 

Friday, March 27, 2015


A few months back I drove through Sweetwater, TX. 

It was a beautiful day, the sky was absolutely amazing... so it was nice to snap some photos of the endless windmills the city has to generate wind power.

It's pretty wild to see all of them. You don't realize how HUGE those windmills are until you get up close, or witness a truck driving a replacement sail down the highway... 

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Rockin' Rodeo

Oh, this place.

While it's always full of unique characters... I've managed to make a lot of really great memories. 

Had my first two stepping experience, and learned some country line dances.

Always a wild night at Rockin' Rodeo!! 


The dance floor is always packed!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

You love me

While I don't know if I would consider this "dancing", it's still cool. 

My favorite part is when she dances on the barr and each reflection keeps the mind of it's own.

Krestina Bui dancing

Emika - You love me

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