Thursday, June 28, 2012


woke up to a sweet lil' love note from my babydoll...


It's a new dawn... a new day... and I'm feelin good ;-)

Monday, June 25, 2012


They packed up the car and hit the road. The excitement hastened their pace. The drive seemed brief, and they were pulling into the entrance of a long, dusty road that led them to their final destination.
The place was a dark, grungy piece of land conveniently arranged and covered with smoky tents, each housing unique habitants, yet they all shared the same reason for attendance.
The event didn’t start on this particular evening. Those who came early were the true devotees, the real fanatics… the addicts.

As they crept through the designated lot, through the car window and obscurity that the night provided – they could sense the anxious presence of the bodies that fashioned the event into what it was. They looked on through the haze, and absorbed the overwhelming emotional state that everyone carried.

This was a time for exhilaration and ecstasy, free love and nonconformity.

They embraced this refreshing escape from the world that was…
For this transient getaway was one that was ever-so-fleeting. They would not think about the end, only that this was the beginning, and what a beautiful experience they were about to endure.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

hidden treasure

Ever since I can remember I've been in love with thrift stores, garage sales, flea markets, goodwills, consignment shops, really anything vintage or unique.

I find all kinds of treasures; including clothing

While I do incorporate trends of the season into my style, I wear what I like.
I always have and always will choose pieces that are unique and fit "me" -- some of them items most people may not necessarily be able to see the beauty in while its hanging on the rack. Ive always been able to look at an article of clothing and see it styled or visualize how I could rock it or re-vamp it. Sometimes crazy, bold, and “out there” things appeal to me and seem to scream my name!

That being said, I frequent these places and usually find pieces I can fashion into my own, and put an up-to-date spin on.

here are -just a few- that i took quick snapshots of
(clothing only...obviously)

huge beachy dress - I love this after I style it!

Who ya gunna call?! I love scoring on vintage classic tees

VS Red Velvet Slacks and White Cords

3 dresses, fancy cream skirt, Tommy belt

Red 'Guess' Clutch

Jeans for cutting up :)

Neon T-shirts - Can't wait to DIY and re-vamp these!

Lunch lady uniform? lol
No - this is actually so adorable styled - it just needs a lil edge ;)

Orange Jumper - perfect for summer!!

unique sleeveless pullover with huge collar

Silk Blouse

Pretty Scarves

Friday, June 22, 2012

sun kissed

Laying out, sandy beaches and swimming pools, swimming forever (I'm a fish), the hot sun, grilling out and eating - then swimming again ;), warm nights spent with people you love, laughing and making memories, glory days, short shorts and bikinis, flip flops and floppy hats, rockin sunglasses, knowing that you're having the time of your life and most importantly  - just enjoying those lazy days of summer ♥

I'm sure I missed a ton of my favorite things....

to sum it up...

I love everything about summer...

Thursday, June 21, 2012


i the night

"Sometimes I lay under the moon and I thank God I'm breathin'"


Matisyahu - "One Day"

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

snack time



 Green beans and Snap peas...  One of my all time favorite snacks

Not good for you, lol - but good

I love pop chips

Monday, June 18, 2012


Ok, I'm ready to share a little about my first trip that is coming up SOON...

The first big vacation of my summer will start with a trip home. I could not be more excited to see my friends and family. I fly into the 810 and will be home for quite a bit of time.

What makes this trip different, is that a certain someone is coming back with me ♥

This has been long awaited.

We are road trippin' it!! I'm stoked!! This will be the first "BIG" road trip her and I have taken together and I know it will be nothing short of a great time. Jammin, snackin, smokin, nappin, takin pics, stealin' smooches and laughin the whole way home.....  & that is our destination:

♥ Home Sweet Home ♥

I hadn't mentioned it, but her and I had been looking for a place together for quite some time. After what seemed like forever, we got so lucky and found the perfect place that met all of our (my) picky requirements and had everything we wanted, needed, and more!!!

As soon as we get everything settled, I will share bits&pieces of how we decided to decorate the new diggs - but for now, we are just excited to have such a fantastic place and we are extremely busy getting ready for this trip, the big move, and getting all the loose ends tied up!

This vacation is much needed, well deserved, and cannot come soon enough!!

Sunday, June 17, 2012


I am my father’s daughter.
That’s what my mom always tells me.
What I don’t think she realizes though, is that every time she says it I giggle and proudly take that compliment.
My dad and I are just alike J
My father is the definition of a good man. My mother and him have been together since high school, and are still happily married. My dad has worked hard for his family, and not once have we had to go without.
I look up to my father in so many ways. He is honest and kind, giving and hard working. He isn’t afraid to be who he is – even if that means he admits to getting teary eyed over sad movies J
He is funny and doesn’t take life too seriously. He is carefree and open to live life, take risks, and experience anything once. He works hard, sometimes too hard - and plays hard too. He holds God in his heart & life, and remains humble no matter what new “toy” he’s just purchased.
My dad came from a family that didn’t have a whole lot. Being honest, they didn’t have much of anything. 6 kids in a small home, and his mother left when the youngest was still a baby. The thing I am so proud of my dad for – when I look at him today – is how he rose above it and worked hard to do better for himself. He always triumphs, no matter the task or obstacle.
In high school, my dad played every sport that was offered and also sang in the choir and played several instruments in band. He also toured the world singing with a group, and if you have ever heard my dad sing – you would understand why. My dad has so much talent. Not just in music, but he can literally pick up an instrument and play a song on it. We have a sound room at my parents house where my dad likes to jam out in (go big or go home) and record. I love his voice and encourage him to record all he can so I will always have them to listen to.
I suppose I could go on and on about how wonderful my dad is, what a great role model, father, friend, and hero he has been, or how much I appreciate everything he has been, has done, and will do for our family…
But… I’m not sure his ego needs the boost J

This father’s day I want to make sure you know Dad, that I love you very much and I am so proud to call you my father.

before running the 10K


after running the Crim (with our metals)


There were so many pictures I wanted to find and post - so many memories I wanted to incorporate into this blog that just aren't possible to capture - so I keep them safely tucked in my mind, knowing they are shared between us both and shall never be forgotten... I am so blessed to have such a great father and have such great snapshots and memories with you.  SO I WILL DANCE WITH, CINDERELLA.. Playing dress up, you behind the camera. "Dad, it's a choir concert!!". Road trip. Running the Crim and getting our metals. "Timberly, Timberly... why do you cry?" Sound Room. Family get-togethers and how much fun we always have afterwards. My senior project. Band&Choir - Solo&Ensemble practice. You singing everwhere, listening to you and helping you practice each song. Childhood mornings with ESPN on the TV. FOWLERVILLE. Music with you in general. your cool slang. Flat tire in the middle of M-24. RICO'S SONG. Halloweens and our "routine" for Christmas mornings. Cruise --> "I wonder what the ---- people are doing right now?" haha... Seat belt ticket? nahhh..... GO BIG OR GO HOME.

I could go on&on&on... but you bemembuh, right?




I love you.


Friday, June 15, 2012

dreaming in purple

She was in this big, fast paced city because of him.

She glanced across the room and watched for a brief moment. That moment sent her back to the warm days of their stolen romance.

They were two young lovers on the road to success.

They could have had it all. She knew it.

Her brain quickly snapped her back to present day, and she remembered the reality of their situation. He was a snake; a lying, selfish, immature snake with a heart that was frozen solid.

She laughed out loud when she thought about it.

Oh, how easy it was to get lost in dreams and futile fantasies.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

life is a highway

My friend recently purchased a new mustang...
*only 1,000 made in this color*
all I have to say is:

 I love fast cars

I love to feel that power

I'm really getting spoiled with all these beautiful, fast cars around!! ♥

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

aloe vera

*I picked up a baby aloe vera plant*

I can't wait to grow him big and strong,... he can be used for so many things!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


"A rebel til' my death, it's in my flesh, it's in my vessels"

ASAP Rocky - Demons

Monday, June 11, 2012


Over the weekend we decided to do something different and go to the water park!

I hadn't been to a water park in ages!

It was a ton of fun - and as a bonus I got some great sun!


Sunday, June 10, 2012

bahama bucks

Bahama Bucks has the best shaved ice

...and the best selection of flavors!

The perfect cold treat on hot summer days


the adorable spoons change colors!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

i will crumble

If you want to sleep, I'll pull a shade
If you should vanish, I'm sure to fade
If you should smolder, I'll breath in your smoke
If you should laugh, I'll smile and
pretend that I made the joke

And if you should ever leave me, I will crumble—
That's just the way I am,
I hope you never leave me
That is to say...

If you should sink I don't want to swim
If you lock the door, I'll beg to come in
If you should sing, I wont make a sound
If you should fly, I'll curse the ground

And if you should ever leave me I will crumble
That's just the way I am,
I hope you never leave me
That is to say, I will crumble, I will
crumble, and I will crumble...

If you're an explosion, I wont search for shelter.
If you're the sun, I'll sit here and swelter.
If you're the moon , I'll stay up all night.
If you're a ghost, I'll be haunted for life.

And if should ever leave me, I will crumble—
That's just the way I am,
I hope you never leave me
That is to say, I will crumble, I will
crumble, and I will crumble..

I will crumble
I will crumble
I will crumble
I will crumble
I will crumble
I will crumble

Wuthering Heights
I will crumble - Mike Vogel

Thursday, June 7, 2012

roc the life

I'm slightly obsessing over Rita Ora lately...

and she can SING.


"under the influence" VEVO clip


"Roc the Life" (Live)

"Hey Ya" (Cover)



Wednesday, June 6, 2012

screaming softly

He’s screaming.

So loud she can see the anger pouring from his frightening glare.

Still crouched in the corner of the room she keeps her mouth shut knowing that anything she says will not be the right thing, will not pacify him, it will only spark more fury.

Under her breath she whispers unforgiveable things full of hatred, spite, resentment and disgust.

Her eyes flutter closed and with that same whisper she pleadingly sends up a prayer.

Before her eyes reopen, she can hear the footsteps as he leaves, down the hall and through the front door.

It’s over.

For now.

She desperately wants to walk out that same door... and just keep walking…


Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Love A$AP Rocky


Purple Swag



Get Lit


"I be that pretty mutha fucka"


Sunday, June 3, 2012


I love the Miss USA pageant

To me, there’s just something magical about it all.

My favorites are the swimsuits, and of course✩ I love to see the beautiful evening gowns.

I also think the little clips they add of the girls off stage are fun, you get a better idea of who they really are.
Miss Michigan made it to top 16, but got robbed in the cut for top 10.

I thought Miss Oklahoma had a gorgeous evening gown. It really popped on stage!

Akon performed and killt it for the top 5
Then, it came down to Miss Rhode Island and Miss Maryland. It was a no-brainer - by top 10, I already knew Miss Rhode Island was going home with the crown

Can’t wait for Miss Universe in December!!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

bad girls do it well

The air was palpable on my skin. Autumn had been quickly pushed away as the winter wind pressed forward with the season. My legs were bare between my excessively ripped up, sexy, skinny jeans and they felt vulnerable as flurries of cold hit them. I was scampering as quickly as my Chucks would let me. After a long week, I was thankful not to be wearing heels tonight. As I reached the entrance, the large yellow building seemed rampant and exciting. The loud, heavy door swung open before I even had a chance to touch it. A familiar face greeted me drunkenly with a smile.
She threw her arms around me and exaggeratedly announced how “happy she was that I had fiiiiiinally made it”. As she grabbed my arm, I was pulled around back. The place smelled stale, most likely from the dozens of cigarettes being sucked down with cheap beer, or the obvious blunts everyone was passing around to subdue their already hazy minds. I didn’t mind it, though… actually, I welcomed it. As we reached what you would call a kitchen, massive amounts of beer were crammed tightly into the fridge. My friend giggled and boasted when she showed the bathtub filled with more cheap beer and ice. As her drunken weight was using me to remain upright, I grabbed two beer cans from the bathtub, shoved one in my purse - cracked open the other one, and then we stepped out to rejoin the party…
You see, this wasn’t a regular party. Well, it was – the difference between a normal “party” and this party was that, this party was full of lesbians.
Sound cliché? No, not everyone was a “lesbian”… there were some gay guys, some bisexual girls, and one or two straight girls too. And no, every lesbian at the party wasn’t in heels and a mini skirt with perfectly applied makeup and salon styled hair. My friend owned the place, and she and her girlfriend were throwing a huge bash for, yet again: another insignificant “occasion”. Each party of theirs usually consisted of a theme, and none of the attendees held back enthusiasm. I only slightly remember that this specific party’s theme was something along the lines of a white trash party, hence why I was wearing a pair of shredded jeans that were practically non-existent. Some of the things people wore at these parties were quite creative. Tonight though, I didn’t plan on coming; so my outfit prep time was cut short. I was exhausted and before I decided to go, I told myself I would only have a few beers, then leave. I had been to many of their parties before… they are always wild, and always last all night long. 
By this time, I basically knew everyone who would be in attendance… the ones who mattered anyways. There were always a plethora of randoms who would come and go throughout the night… but our “group” – were the ringleaders. As I drank, the cheap beer was going down better than I thought. The loud music got me in the mood to let loose and the drinks kept flowing. The girls had beer pong and tippy cup set up… which quickly had me feeling the effects of the alcohol. My game plan to leave early was – as expected – not going to happen.
It must have been close to 4am or so, because the place had emptied some… I recognized most of the people staggered about the pad. I stumbled along, hoping to find my hippie friend blazing in a quiet room upstairs…
Of course I found her… in a guest bedroom, out of sight and away from the bass of the booming stereo. There were 3 other girls in the room, too. One was her girlfriend, a pretty girl with curly hair whom I knew well. There was also a skinny blonde, who looked like a bitch. To me she always seemed stuck up, arrogant. The other was a tough looking girl with her hair pulled back. She was comfortable in her skin, and had great chronic. She could get you anything you needed. I had met the two a few times, but didn’t know them that well.
The blonde was hammered, so I was glad when she left the room. The ceiling fan was on, and you could hear the music at just the right muted volume. The blunt was out now, and we were working on the last few drags of our squares before we went downstairs to revel in the lingering, sexy hours of the night. I had been sitting on the edge of the bed when my friend and her girlfriend got up and walked out the door. I looked over at the tough, laid back lesbian and she asked me if I wanted to blaze again.
By this time I was drunk, stoned, and pretty much done partying. I was glad to sit in the quiet room and get to know her. I wanted to be cool with her. I watched her silently as she broke up the weed on the back of a magazine. Her hands were steady and sure. Her eyes remained on her task with raw focus and commitment. When she was done wrapping, her plump lips parted slightly and I watched the round tip of her wet tongue follow the open edge of the swisher.
Her eyes met mine. I noticed her big brown eyes and thick, long eyelashes with that quick, simple gaze – and was glad when she nonchalantly averted it and started telling me a story. I faked listening and kept staring at her mouth. I don’t know if it was the cheap beer, the theme of the party, or if my curiosity’s time for her had simply run out, but I literally acquired an attraction for her in seconds. Randomly, I wondered what her nipples looked like. She became more and more beautiful with each passing smile.
The thing about women is that we were created to be beautiful. Our form has always been the most desirable. How can you resist natures design?
I could tell as conversation progressed that she was attracted to me. It wasn’t difficult. She made it obvious, and I played back. While we were smoking, I kept watching her mouth. I felt her begging me to kiss her. It didn’t seem like long after that, we ended up in bed with the lights off and the door locked...

To be continued...