Sunday, October 16, 2011

autumn wonderland

Lately, I'm just not satisfied with my pictures. I don't know if I am lacking the motivation, inspiration, or technique.... but they all seem to be a let down.

I guess I just need to keep at it.
Practice makes Perfect.

These were from the day I took Chico out with me. I was shooting the geese across the pond, as I was walking away Chico had other plans. He flew off my shoulder and was headed STRAIGHT for the geese!

Thankfully he landed on a low branch in a nearby tree, but you can imagine how crazy I looked hollering his name and rushing over to follow him in a spastic frenzy! haha.
So embarassing.

Anyways, I took advantage of my little man in his "natural environment" and got a few shots of him as he tore up the few leaves and twig branches he could manage to get his beak on!

“ Which of my photographs is my favorite? The one I’m going to take tomorrow."
- Imogen Cunningham


21SaraLoves said...

OMG I love the last one, so beautiful!

Kayla Lyford said...

is that you bird? it is so cute <3