Wednesday, October 26, 2011

crash into me

I’m tired lately. I think my insomnia is returning…
It makes for a very unmotivated, intolerant me.
I missed class this week, because I literally could not fathom mustering up the energy to go and sit for 3 hours to look at my classmate’s blurry, poorly composed pictures. I got a headache at the thought.
It’s been rainy and cold here, and it’s hitting me that autumn is closing in and winter is lurking around the bend, ready to whoosh in it’s white wonderland any day now. I hate snow.
Also torture.
All I can say is thank GOD for my vacation next week… I hope it’s just what I need.
8 days left and I’m jumping out of my skin to  bathe in the hot Texas sun.
I’m also hoping it will lift my spirits… I think I’m approaching a “rut” – which needs to come to a halt. Immediately.

I have SO many ideas, and things I need/want to share...
... I promise I'll get better. 

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