Wednesday, August 31, 2011


I say this all the time, but Fall really is my favorite time of year. Everything about it perks me up and puts me in a good mood. I love the chilly crisp air, the rich colors, and mostly... the things that happen in the fall!

Football games, back to school, and the absolute best thing about autumn?

Halloween, of course!

Now, normally I plan my costume with plenty of time to spare. My sister and I always spent Halloween together so since she has passed - I haven't put a whole lot of effort into planning my costumes. I figure that needs to change. It's time I get back to what I love! The best thing about your costume is that whatever it is it allows you to transform and play a character for a night! I absolutely have a blast staying in character all night :) So, I'm on a mission this coming month to plan my costume. I'm very excited!

Halloween 2008 - My sister and I went as a 'made-up' female rap group (git money) haha, we had so much fun! To the right is my friend who was a gothic baby doll. We had a blast with this photoshoot - we were all SO in character!!

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She said...

I wanna see the rest of these photoshoot pix... Throwback Halloween Post, please?