Sunday, August 21, 2011

evolution of smooth

These are so adorable.

I bought the Red one first (Summer Fruit).

When I first picked this up, I figured it wouldn’t work that well. But it was so cute that I had to purchase.
I fell in love.
I’m never use an entire lip balm or chapstick down to the very end – this I did. I couldn’t believe it.
What I like about these lip balms is that they aren’t greasy or sticky, and they don’t dry up and leave my lips feeling and looking nasty.
It gives you that ‘just woke up’ lip look. You know the one? Where you’re lips are really plump, full, and natural looking? My favorite!
Love it.

Lemon Drop is my favorite in terms of overall. There is a SPF 15, and the scent is lemon-y but not a gross lemon lol.

Summer Fruit is by far my favorite scent of the three.

Sweet Mint would be my least favorite, as I am not a big fan of mint. I would purchase either Lemon Drop or Summer Fruit before this.

I think these range around $3 - but they do last a long time. I got mine at Walgreens.


Hollie said...

I'm a big fan of eos summer fruit. It's a great product for sensitive skin.

Maya said...

I love them.
My fave one is also Summer Fruit.

Maya from

Kayla Lyford said...

i love these lip balms! my favorite is summer fruit and i did have a green one but i forget what it is called (not the mint one) and my dog ended up stealing it from my purse and eating it! not impressed but it wasnt my favourite kind anyway :P

Anonymous said...

I've heard a ton of good things about these!! I don't generally use lip balm, and if I do I'm super picky about them because many are formulated to dry out your lips rather than keep them hydrated! After this review I might just check these out :)