Monday, August 22, 2011


Fizzbanger Bath Bomb/Ballistic
This smells like caramel apples J
Autumn is approaching, and I think this is the perfect bath bomb for the season.
I actually got this in a gift set, and didn’t think much of it when I purchased it. 
I would have taken pictures of this fun little bath bomb, had I known….
I wouldn’t say it is super hydrating, or moisturizing. It’s definitely one of those bombs meant more for the fun and luxury of taking a bath in candy apples… not so much for ‘skin care’.
None the less, the outside is yellow but the inside is blue, so you end up with a  pretty green ‘apple’ color, and it will surprise you with a bang! J It takes a while to ‘fizzle’ out too, so you can actually enjoy it! It is one of the new ‘hybrid’ items, so it has some bubble bar bits in it for a (slightly) frothy result.
If you're looking for a great "autumn" scent.... Fizzbanger is PERFECT. It immediately reminded me of halloween, falling leaves, and haunted houses!
Definitely an under-the-radar bath bomb that should get more credit. As far as smells go? This is unlike anything I’ve smelled from Lush…. Truly a one-of-a-kind bath bomb that (if you like candy apples), you won’t be disappointed with!

Link to the Lush Video of this bomb HERE

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