Wednesday, August 17, 2011


So next weekend I will be participating in the annual Crim festival of races (link below) with my dad. There are different race options you can choose from, but we will be doing the 10 mile run.
Yup, 10 miles.
So somehow I needed to find the motivation to start getting my fitness on J
One of my favorite shows of all time just ended. So you think you can dance. Yes, I am fully aware it is a reality show, and some people cringe at the idea of a dance competition that resembles the singing competition American Idol.
I absolutely love it.
It’s definitely a show that inspires me every time I watch it. Some of the dances are genuinely soul-capturing, and the dancers are absolutely fierce in their commitment. I would watch this show just for ONE dance that moves me the way so many of them do.

What does this have to do with motivation and fitness, Taylor?
I guess I just wanted to post a blog about the things that get me inspired and motivated to work out. The dancers on this show have such incredible bodies. Truly lean muscle and they are so in shape and toned it makes me want to run for hours to get my body at its peak condition!
Don’t you think dancers have the most amazing bodies? Swimmers have great bodies too, very lean and muscular… something all of us ‘normal folk’ can get inspired and motivated by!

I’m excited for this race, but nervous as well. This will be my first ‘long distance’ attempt, but I am confident I will be able to finish. Plus, I will have my dad by my side to help keep me focused. We may not finish with the best time, but by golly, we will finish!
What motivates you to want to improve your body, maintain an active, fit lifestyle and stay fierce?

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