Thursday, September 1, 2011


I finally got my gelish kit. I planned to post pictures of this exciting adventure however…
Basically, it was a bust.
I had done my research, and everything I found told me to apply the thinnest layers possible, so that’s what I did! Wrong advice, people.
Yes, apply the layers thin… UNTIL you get to the actual polish color. From there, you need to apply the polish thick enough so that it is a solid beautiful color. I put mine on thin, and though the color was solid, it was as if I needed another coat but I didn’t want to put it on too thick – I had never done it before so how would I know!?!
Anyways, the actual process itself wasn’t bad. It took me maybe a half hour or so – and the result that I got  (though the color is a bit janky in some spots), is very nice.
I found a similar color in my polish collection and just painted over my nails for the time being. In a week or so, I figure I will re-do my gel’s with a much better outcome J
Next time I am going to murder this process. I am so glad I found out about these! What a great option for home consumers to have access to! I actually can’t wait to get more colors!!!

Overall: I recommend, but plan on the first application being just decent. You will have to figure it out as you go.

Side note: I’ve been thinking about going to the supply store and picking up some stuff to do my actual gel nails… maybe acrylics. I don’t like the idea of my natural nails getting ruined, but it has been a minute since I have practiced my skills from beauty school and I don’t want to lose them.
Hmm…. J

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doesnt sound too bad! i bet they look lovely!

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