Wednesday, August 10, 2011


You ever have those days where everything seems to annoy the crap outta you? Like a single word out of the right (or wrong) person’s mouth would be enough to set you off?
I had one of those days this week.

I stayed up late the previous night and seen ‘The Rise of the Planet of the Apes” (which was pretty good), and got a late start to my morning. A rushed morning is enough to damper my mood for the day, but on top of it I was dog tired  --  seriously, an IV of caffeine wouldn’t have woke me up.
Needless to say, taylor + tired = bad mood/irritable/annoyed.
That’s not always the case though. Sometimes when I get tired I am really snuggly, or extremely giggly… the giggly moods are my favorite but usually that’s a signal that I am beyond tired and you know that as soon as that giggly mood fades, the bitch emerges J
Some people deal with lack of sleep well. For the most part, I am not one of those people. However since this past winter, I have been getting better because I am adapting to never getting enough sleep. I probably average 4 or 5 hours a night… and that’s good compared to a few months ago! Then I was averaging 3 hours a night….
Back to my point of this blog... when you’re in a ‘mood’ like that, how do you take a step back and not let yourself get annoyed? How do you stop the anger from rising in your stomach like a volcano?
I know sometimes we all let our anger get the best of us…and sometimes rightfully so.
But what about those times when it’s not the other person, it’s you?

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Ianstein said...

LOL...That bottom picture kind of looks like you...ok...its how I wish you looked when your in that type of mood. :) Its tough snapping out of a mood like that too. It takes a whole lot of something special to happen to change it. Theres usually only one reason I get in that mood.. And its ....When I cant get my way" :) Love you

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