Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Today I was feeling really inspired.
I have been listening to some great music lately that has just taken over and inspired the hell out of me.
I thought this was a really great topic for my blog today because so many things inspire so many people differently. Something that may inspire me could completely de-motivate someone else.
Normally inspirations come out of the blue for me, but other times I can create them myself. I love certain days you wake up to perfect weather, hear a certain song, or hear someone saying something that moves you and it’s as if you are ready to take on anything.
 Ah! I’m getting inspired just thinking about things that inspire me!
 So here are a just a few things I could think of  from the top of my head that inspire me…
1.    Pretty music (I love the sound of the piano and the sound of acoustic guitar) or a great lyrics
2.    A beautiful voice
3.    Warm weather
4.    People overcoming obstacles, whether it is a disease or weight loss. It moves me.
5.    Certain people… could be a teacher, or someone you see in the street.
6.    Compliments
7.    A fab outfit
8.    A good make-up/hair day
9.    Memories of my sister
10. A perfect spring or fall day
11. Certain art
12. A stunning sky (night or day), sunset, or sunrise
13. Rain
14. Gorgeous people
15. The picture I see of my future
16. Beautiful photographs
There’s so much beauty in the world if we just open our eyes and look!
So what inspires you?

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    Cléo said...

    O chão parece um arco-iris!!! belissimo!