Monday, August 1, 2011

before i fall

This book is called before i fall by Lauren Oliver. This was the first book she wrote, which suprised me...

Before I Fall
by Lauren Oliver

This was an interesting story. I was reluctant to read it, assuming it would be a typical teenage book with a predetermined plot leading to an obvious climax and ending.
And it was.
It was good! It is about Samantha Kingston a popular teenage girl who dies at the beginning of the book, but re-lives the same day over and over like Groundhog Day. I found it interesting how the author decided to take her through the stages of grief concerning her own death. You’ll have to read it to see exactly what happens and how the events transpire but it was worth the read. It was a very easy book to read, definitely targeted towards teenagers. I read this over the course of a weekend, and the one thing I think this book emphasizes is hope. You can’t lose hope. I think this is a great idea to urge to the masses. When you feel like all is lost, and nothing is left to care about and live for…. you have to keep hope alive, and press on another day really believing that life will turn around and show you better times.
Another thing I loved about this book is the honesty. There are a few things Sam learns along the way, which aren’t always pretty. The thing is though, is that no one is perfect and the people we choose to keep in our lives aren’t perfect either. But just because we make mistakes, are a little selfish, or say things we don’t mean doesn’t mean we lose our friends. We call them friends for a reason, we love them for who they are including their imperfections. This goes for family as well. Accepting people for who they are and loving them despite their shortcomings.
My favorite quote:
“I’m starved for a different light, a different sun, different sky. I’ve never really thought about it before, but it’s a miracle how many kinds of light there is in the world, how many skies: the pale brightness of spring, when it feels like the whole world is blushing; the lush, bright boldness of a July noon; purple storm skies and a green queasiness just before lightning strikes and crazy multi-coloured sunsets that look like someone’s acid trip.”

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