Sunday, August 14, 2011



By Cate Tiernan

Identical twins.
Separated at birth.
Clio and Thais (Tye-ees) grew up never knowing the other existed. Clio grew up in New Orleans with Nan, practicing Bonne Magic. Thais grew up as average girl in the Northern part of the country with their dad… who also didn’t know Clio existed.

When their father dies, Thais is forced to stay with a friend of her father’s – Axelle- who lives in New Orleans. Thais insists on going to school, and who do you think she runs into on her first day? Other students mistake Thais for her sister, Clio. It’s funny because I could relate to this… My mother is a twin and people mistake them for each other all the time. It’s such a hoot!

Back to the plot: So when Thais and Clio find out the truth, Thais starts to learn the ways of Bonne Magic. They discover secrets, lies, and new powers. They also discover that the guy they have both fallen in love with – is the same. The girls have a lot of drama, with heartbreak and a mystery killer lurking in the backdrop. The one thing that they do have while their lives are spinning out of control is each other.

I’m a sucker for these sister-type dramas J

This was the book my good friend got me for my birthday this year. It was a pretty good book once you get into it. It started slow for me, but the ending is twisted, and packed with everyones different personal agendas… and ill guarantee you never guess what happens...

Favorite Quote:

“I hugged her back, feeling less alone, less wretched. I had a sister. I think it truly only hit me right then: I had a sister, forever. We shared the same blood, the same bone. We were one person, split into two. We would never be alone again.”

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