Sunday, February 27, 2011

Undiscovered Talent

I have been really bummed out lately because I haven’t had enough time to use my new camera and take the pictures I am so dying to capture. I have just been entirely too busy.

I consider myself a relatively creative person. There isn’t a whole lot I think I am bad at (with the exception of math, and sports J). That being said, there is soooo much I would love to try and explore, but I just don’t have the time. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think I am great at anything… but is that just me hiding behind the fear of failure?

This got me thinking…

How do you discover your talents? Personally I feel I have “untapped talents”, so to speak. I am sure others do too, for lack of time or resources. Without these, some people will never realize their true potential. Some people find their niche early in life and run with it, some find it later and proceed with extraordinary ability. Others just drift along in the world, with random hobbies they never really excel at. Is this because we are incapable? Is it that we don’t want to fail? Or is it due to a lack of applying ourselves?

I know in my life there have been many things I have quit. I look back and think “what if”… I quit choir to pursue band. Then later I quit band because I didn’t want to dedicate the time to practicing, and I was GOOD. Not to sound cocky, but music is just something that comes natural to me. I always think about where I would be if I hadn’t quit. How many more instruments I would be able to play, or what groups I could possibly be a part of. When I was younger I quit ballet. In high school, I took a sculpting class that I absolutely LOVED. I have been saying since then that I would love to get into sculpting and take another class, even if only as a creative outlet. I also have wanted to learn how to sew and knit.

Well, that obviously hasn’t happened.

The truth is that it is too easy to doubt and knock ourselves down.

I know everything takes some sort of dedication and effort, but these talents we all possess are just harboring inside of us. Being good at something and feeling confident about an ability you hold helps your self esteem. It is so easy to put things off, because the motivation has to be there. I could say “once my life settles down, I will engage in these things I want to try” or “I will get to it” but here’s the real question: is there ever a good time?

I guess I need to quote the old saying… “Just do it”

There’s never been a better time.

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