Wednesday, February 2, 2011


You remember those days. You would bring books, snacks, and a blanket or pillow to school and the only thing everyone would do for the ENTIRE day was read.
Drop. Everything. And. Read.
Sounds like my free time. Lol.

There is something about wrapping up with a good book that makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. Of course, I usually picture myself on a huge couch with a knitted, soft blanket next to a warm, crackling fire looking like a scene straight out of a movie. When in reality, I don’t have a fireplace or a huge plushy couch and I am usually fighting off my bird with every page turn so my book doesn’t end up in paper shreds.
A girl can dream though, can’t she?
Even if I am not in my movie scene, I still love getting whisked away to another world. For all you non-readers out there I hate to say it but, you just don’t get it.
My best friend despises reading. She has never read an entire book in her life.
To me, that’s craziness!
When you find a book you really enjoy, it’s better than watching a movie. It’s better because you create the world, so to speak. The characters look and sound just the way you picture them. The scenery is up to you. With a good book, it is like you are someone else completely, living a different life.
I think there is something magical about that.

When I grow up J I want to have a library full of books I have read.
Ok, pull back the reigns, Taylor … maybe not a library but definitely a wall… or at least an entire shelving unit.
I think for some people they read one book, or start a book and it’s not their cup of tea so they get turned off to reading and never go back.
It’s about finding your style, and what interests you. If you are lucky enough to find an author you love, all the better.
Once you find books you can get into, the fun begins and you realize why people read. Everyone is different and it might take a few misses before you stumble upon that “special book”. Don’t get discouraged, keep reading! Sometimes I go for months without picking up a book, and when I get back on the ball I am always SO glad I did J
Oh, how I love to read.

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