Sunday, February 13, 2011

Loving the Good

I always love new quotes and inspiring messages or lyrics.
What’s your favorite?

I watched twilight the other night for about the umpteenth time. I hadn’t watched it in a few months though, so I was re-living the joy all over again J
Anyways, of course I watched New Moon after. You know how you pick up on things you didn’t hear, or remember from the first, second, or even third time you watched a movie? Well, Charlie said something that really resonated with me.
(OMG – she is getting inspired from vampire flicks. Watch out.)

For those of you who don’t knooooow… Edward leaves and Bella starts spending time with Jacob. She has horrible dreams that wake her up screaming and one night Charlie (her dad) runs to her room asking if she is alright. Blah, Blah they briefly talk about Jacob and her dad says:
 “Sometimes you gotta learn to love what's good for you”.
GAWW I love that!
So often people love what isn’t good for them.
Obviously you can take this literally with the “love interest” meaning, love people who treat you right, who make you feel good, and who care about you. But, I also think there is a wider scope to this statement.
Like, bad habits for example.  . . . Find something that is GOOD for you, and learn to freakin LOVE IT! Like, instead of loving beer or shots of tequila, try loving apple juice or lemon water J
Instead of needing a cigarette after dinner, begin to love taking the dogs on a walk.
Instead of loving to SPEND money, love to SAVE it!
I am going to start re-training myself.
The mind is a powerful tool, ya’ll.
Use it.


Ianstein said...

I am totally impressed by the wisdom you just expressed in this blog. Wow....truely impressed.

David J Dailey said...

You can't lose a bad habit, you can only replace it with a good habit.

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