Tuesday, February 8, 2011

True Life: I'm a Vampire

I was thinking about what I could blog about next…
That’s when I realized I definitely needed to share my favorite topic for…
Yeah yeah, I’m a dork.
I didn’t read a whole lot in high school, I wasn’t opposed to it I just had better things to do… J
I did read a few of the books my teachers had the class read ie. The Little Prince, Tuesdays with Morrie, Night, Romeo & Juliet, Of Mice and Men and I am sure there were a few more thrown in there I can’t remember.
Even the first few years out of high school I wasn’t an avid reader. I just wasn’t into it.
Okay, back to my topic…
After my sister passed away I bought this “teen” book about vampires called House Of Night (HoN) by P.C. and Kristen Cast. I got hooked. I read every single book in the series and couldn’t wait for more. A friend of mine (already an avid reader) who had already read HoN , suggested I read Twilight.
Errrmm… I seen the first 5 minutes of the Twilight movie and had to shut it off I was so bored. I was not about to read the damn book.
BUT… because I love my friend, and trusted her opinion I figured I would give it a shot. I know, I’m a sucker (no pun intended).
I fell in love with Twilight, too.

So that started my vampire book reading frenzy.
Yes, I have definitely read books that aren’t vampire related, but I just wanted to share some of my favorites.
1.       Twilight – I have to rank this as number one because of the magnificent love story. I love Bella and Edward, and I think it helped that they are both gorgeous in the movie too.
2.    Vampire Academy – If Twilight didn’t exist, this would ABSOLUTELY be my number one favorite series. It may even be tied. I couldn’t get enough, and I am so sad that I devoured the last book in a few days. I have heard, that a spin-off will be coming out. Whew!
3.      House of Night - The only thing I can say about this series is I hope they never end. There have been 8 books so far…
4.     Blue Bloods –This is a different type of vampire story. A good one too. I have yet to read the latest book that is out because I seriously have a line up going. I will get to it though, I promise J
5.      Night World – I actually didn’t think I was going to like this series. My mother bought the books for me, and I put off reading them for a long time. Once I got into them though, I was pleasantly surprised. It’s a bunch of short books in one book where the characters all end up being involved with each other somehow. Cool twist. Definitely worth reading.
Not in my top, but good none-the-less:
Fallen (okay, not really a vampire book, but it’s underworld stuff so I figured it fit. Plus, it’s a good series J)
Vampire Diaries
Vampire Kisses

Link to more vampire books:
Call it overkill, but I like to read what people have to say about the books I have already read, and reviews on books I am considering picking up.

Here is a link to a Vampire Book Blog:

Side Note:

So you know I had to watch the “Vampires Suck” movie. Basically a spoof of Twilight. . . I definitely wasn’t offended by this movie (some parts I did actually get a small chuckle out of) but it was pretty much a waste of 1hr and 22 minutes of my life. Ok, well not that long because I fell asleep during the end. It was just one of those DUMB movies where it makes you wonder what the people who created it were on when they thought of some of the scenes. I don’t understand how people can think of such stupid shit! Oh well, I am sure the Twi-haters out there loved it. I was glad I checked it out for free from my library,
 otherwise I would have been mad to spend even a dime on it.
Another random thought: I hated how the Vampire Diaries came out with the TV show and the characters were completely different than depicted in the books. Totally Lame.

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