Monday, February 7, 2011

Stop the Sickness

So, I am at work and had a minute so I thought I would take this time to complain J
Saturday I woke up with a really, really dry throat. You know the kind where you wonder what good your spit is, because it’s definitely NOT keeping it lubricated back there? Anyways, super dry. Super scratchy. Mostly, annoying.

So that brings me to right now. This very second as I type…
It’s freezing. And I walk to work.
I debated on whether it would be bad or good for my cold to walk. I decided to walk because exercise is good, right?
Well, I wish I would have drove today because I’m so cold I don’t even want to think about stepping foot outside. Although, I guess I would have to in order to get to my car which would be ice cold anyways so . . .  it’s a no-win.
I feel like it’s making me sick, as I type this. The cold, that is. More sick, anyways.
My body aches and I want my humidifier, heating pad, bed, and book J

Here’s my thought…. How do you get when you are sick? Do you buck up and deal? Or complain every step of the way?
I have always been the same. I cry and mope and whine and complain like it is going to make me better faster. Like somehow if I complain and whine to the people around me, the medicine will work better, or they will come up with a great remedy to CURE all my symptoms. Hmmph.
Come to think of it, I am quite pathetic when I am sick.

I blew it off as a bad day, maybe I slept with my mouth open (zombie style. Pretty, I know). ANYWAYS, Sunday when I woke up and felt my throat getting worse, and my body aching like it got hit by a Mack truck I immediately sped to Walgreens and bought cough drops, a huge tub of Vitamin C, a box of cold/flu medicine, some perfume, and a brow fix kit (perfume? Brow fix kit? Hey, you’re lucky I remembered the vitamin C . . . I have issues remember?). Once I got home, I popped some Vitamin C and Cold/Flu meds, then tried to “sleep it off” . . . I’m stopping this cold dead in its tracks, right?

 Today is Monday. Mondays suck anyways, but on top of it I had an exam this morning. After my exam I went BACK to Walgreens, because I have started a slight coughing bit that isn’t making me feel like I am conquering this thing. I bought a humidifier. Let me just say, I can’t believe it took me this long to get one. My good one is packed away at my parents house awaiting the day it can be reunited with me J I love my humidifiers, and I missed having one. Also, I asked the pharmacist what she would recommend, and I had to laugh. Basically, she told me to drink lots of water and run the humidifier I was buying.
UMMM – I wanted a MEDICINE that would make my throat feel better! Instead I got nothing. OH! Aaaand she told me NOT to take the cold/flu medicine I bought because it would dry me out even worse. Welllllllllll, Thank you. That explains why I have been getting worse. I have been taking it for 2 freagging days! Thank God I am not that diligent about taking medicine otherwise I would have been taking 2 capsules every 4 hours!

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