Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Lush Review

So last time I did a lush review, I believe I mentioned I was going to attempt to clean out my closet. LOL. Yeah, that obviously didn’t happen. I have a good reason though J Honestly, I havent had a weekend off to even do it. And it doesn’t look like I will for another few months. So my closet waits.
Onto the goooooooods J
I have really became sort of, kind of, sadly, a little bit addicted to Lush.
One of my many guilty pleasures, so to speak.
Anyways, I have found things I don’t like and things I do.
Now I share that with you!
RockStar Soap – I’m sorry to those of you who are fans. I don’t get it. The scent reminds me of a little girl playing dress up. Cheesy. Like fake Bubblegum. I gave it a shot, even though I didn’t care for the smell just in case the soap “rocked my world”. Unfourtunately it didn’t. I didn’t find it moisturizing, and I didn’t find that the scent lingered on my skin either. In so many words, Rockstar was a bust.
Snowfairy Shower Gel – This smelled almost identical to Rockstar. That same cheesy little girl wearing fake make-up smell. The more I used it, I seemed to like it a little bit more, but not enough to really like, and definitely not enough to buy again. This had glitter in it too. All my glitter was stuck to the bottom so I didn’t get to experience any of it getting on my skin (Thank God, because then I really would have hated it.).
CandyCane bubble bar – smells just like the previous two mentioned. This though, I didn’t mind. The bubbles were nice and the smell wasn’t overpowering, it was almost just enough. This did linger on my skin and smelled the whole bathroom up for almost 2 days!  I wouldn’t buy this again though, only because it isn’t my favorite scent Lush offers.
BoogI thought this bath bomb smelled really good. It was a strong scent in the tub, but not headache strong. The water was very silky and made my skin feel uber soft. No real noticeable change in color for the bath water (the bomb is white so…) and the “fireworks” broke away from the bomb and disintegrated separate. It was a slow fizzing bomb, and the smell lingered on my skin and in the bathroom for hours afterwards. A good purchase if you like plain bath bombs with a nice relaxing scent.

Note: mine broke! hence the cracks along his hat :(

PorridgeThis scent I seriously could eat. I LOVE the way this smells. As far as the actual soap goes though? Eh. I could take it or leave it. I didn’t mind the oats or whatever it is in the soap, they didn’t bother me and I didn’t think they were too abrasive at all (I don’t have sensititve skin). It went very fast though because of the consistency. I would buy this again, but only because I adore the scent. It didn’t linger on my skin the way I hoped, of course.

BuffyThis little wonder, my mother swears by. Her legs are always very dry and she isn’t very good about applying her lotion (tisk tisk!). She SWEARS by Buffy though, so naturally I had to buy one too! Honestly I have only used it once (I think I would prefer a body butter used outside of the shower), but it DID work. I thought it would all wash off, but when I got out my legs (only place I used it. Buffy is like 22 bucks for the smaller one! Lol) were SUPER moisturized. I definitely didn’t need to apply lotion. So for those of you looking to moisturize in the shower, Buffy is your gal. There is no “definite” scent to buffy. It is a very slight scent I don’t think anyone would “love” or “hate”.  It is just kind of there.

CindersThis spicy little bath bomb smells so. freaking. good. I love the way this smells. I can’t even describe it, but it’s seriously worth buying. It turns the bath water orange-ish and I have heard people say it turns their water yellow, so they don’t like it cuz it reminds them of pee.

I swear, when I hear people wouldn’t buy a bath bomb again because it turns the water yellow, I want to gag. YOU KNOW IT’S NOT URINE. YOU PUT THE BATH BOMB IN THE WATER. Does it smell like piss? *rolls eyes* I don't care what color the water turns if it smells like this!  Anyways, there is “pop rocks” candy throughout this bath bomb and I guess people had high hopes of the “crackling” sounds it was supposed to make. I didn’t necessarily hear any crackling, but I could care less because it smells so good. The water gets silky, and the scent lingered on my skin afterwards J which made me happy enough to buy lots n’ lots!
Note: The cinders bomb is the orange one with red "pop rocks" candies on top. The brown and white bomb with the green holly on top is called Lil' Lush Pud (haven't tried it yet, I will probably review it next time!)

Karma Shampoo BarMy mom got a shampoo bar in one of her gift boxes and LOVED it.  I have really long hair, so I was doubtful. She loved it though, so I wanted to try one. I did some research and ordered myself a Karma Shampoo Bar (I love the Karma scent, and it is supposed to be for de-tangling so I figured it was a perfect marriage). I figured I would use the whole bar versus breaking off a chunk because I didn’t know how much I would need for my massive amount of hair. I rubbed it all over my hair until I seen it was lathering. WOW. I used waaaayyyy too much my first time. I was so impressed! It smelled amazing, just like the Karma soap, and lathered better than some shampoos I have used! I was only bummed out because when I used my conditioner, I lost the Karma scent. That made me sad. I will definitely be looking for a conditioner from Lush now, at least to try. I waited for the shampoo bar to dry, then stored it in my cute Lush tin J I didn’t even need to use my de-tangler when I got out, my brush slid right through! Definitely recommend. I will be trying more shampoo bars too!

Coming up, I have all kinds of goodies from Lush. Massage bars, shampoos, skin stuff, and moooore!! EEK!
 I can’t wait.
 Be on the lookout!

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