Monday, January 31, 2011

Maybe Someday

Why do we always want what we can’t have? Why do we always want what we don’t have?

I’m definitely guilty of being both a wanter (no, definitely not a real word) of things I don’t have and things I can’t have. It’s sad too, because I know that about myself yet I do nothing to change it. Maybe I need therapy to “understand” it. Lol
Here’s the deal. I think it’s natural to want new things. Clearly that is how we evolve and experience stuff, and become knowledgeable to move forward.
But when does that CRAVING to have new things turn from “healthy” to “issues”.
I think mine has evolved to "issues".
                I can honestly admit, I have…
1. Bought something I really didn’t like (I wanted it just to have it.)
2. Debated whether to purchase or not. Everything in me said I didn’t need it or I couldn’t afford it, yet I bought it anyways.
3. Made lists of things I want so I don’t forget to buy them.
4. Gone into the store for something specific, and come out with everything but.
5. The next time I swear I will get that specific item, yet again. . . I come out with everything but that item -Repeat x3.
6. Spent big money on items I never use.
7. Spent big money on items I only liked for a month.
8. Bought far too many items I don’t wear.
9. Bought an item even though I knew I would never use it or wear it.
This cannot be normal! How sad.
I probably could admit more guilty pleasures but the bottom line is…. I need to understand I can’t have everything I want.
My brain just can’t seem to comprehend that though.
Maybe someday.

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Ianstein said...

LOL on number 4 and 5

Your Mother and I were never good at restraint. Yeah...sorry to tell will have issues.....but the good thing can blame us. :)

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