Saturday, March 24, 2012

Rainbow Bath


"Our Dorothy bubble bar will take you far from the rain and grey clouds to somewhere over the rainbow where blue birds fly. Relax your body and let yourself sink into the sea of fluffy bubbles and vibrant blue water, and forget about the wicked witches and flying monkeys in your life. The exotic floral scent of ylang ylang, sweet figs and uplifting orange oil will take you down the yellow brick road and far away. When you’re ready to come back and face reality you know what to do, click your heels three times…"

I picked a few of these up over the winter.  I must admit, this bubble bar from Lush had initially caught my eye because of the adorable little rainbow that sits on top :)
But then I smelled it, and I had to buy a few. It smells fresh and clean... like a little piece of happy!

I hadn't gotte around to using one until recently. I've heard some people split this specific bubble bar in two - seperating the rainbow and the "sky" sections of the bar - and use each one for a different experience.

I didn't necessarily care about the color of my water. I simply split mine in two and used half. The result was a dark shade of orange. The scent did not change, it was amazing. I love the way this smells. It's a bit powdery, but NOT in a bad way. It's also a happy, bright, pleasant scent. Lush didn't mention it contains bits of a bath melt, but the water seemed to hold the same moisturizing feel.

The bubbles were insane on this little bar! It isn't a large bubble bar (in comparison to the comforter and other larger items Lush has available), but in using just half of this little thing - my entire tub was filled - and they seemed to last forrrrrrrrrrever. Seriously. I got out before even a noticable amount dissipated!

The only thing some might consider a downside is that the scent doesn't linger on your skin at all. At least for me it didn't.

Anyways - I dig it.

I'd recommend it.

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