Tuesday, March 20, 2012


So we know by now that I love my long hair.There's something about long, big, healthy hair that keeps me maintaining mine! SOOO - I try to take care of it. I like the fact that my hair is my natural color, and that I've taken good care of it so that it looks healthy even at its long length. I have plenty of little tricks that keep it in the condition that it is in ;)

I picked up a few new products to give a try. I'm in the market for a new conditioner - I had tried a shampoo and conditioner from Organix a while back - and can't remember really liking it or really disliking it - so I wanted to give it a second chance. Plus, they had a few new items that caught my eye...

I picked up the Organix Hydrating "Macadamia Oil" and Ever Straight "Brazilian Keratin Therapy" Conditioners, the Hydrating "Macadamia Oil" Shampoo and Intensive Moisture Mask as well as the Renewing "Moroccan Argan Oil" penetrating oil.

The Macadamia Oil Products don't have an overpowering scent... it's very subtle, and smells great. The Brazilian Keratin Therapy smells like something you would use at the beach... like coconut and/or cocoa butter. I can't explain the scent of the Moroccan Oil, but I have used it a few times and it works great for a shine/smoothing/softening serum that's not super oily or heavy.

The last product I picked up that I CANNOT wait to try - is the "It's a 10" Miracle Leave-in Product. I have heard RAVE reviews about this product, so I can't wait to form my own opinion and see how it works with my hair. This smells the best of all... it reminds me of my absolute favorite after tan lotion "Matahari Luminous Firming & Anti-Aging Body Moisturizer" - let me just say I adore this scent. The moisturizer is practically impossible to find unless you order it online or have your salon order it for you (Luckily, I have my manicuring license so I just order it myself along with my other "salon" items through an industry catalog).

I'm hoping these products work as good as they smell!

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