Wednesday, March 21, 2012

pole update

I've been diligently working on my pole skillz...

I told you before that I got a pole and that this is sooooo much harder than it looks. I've had friends over that are in better shape than I am that struggled with the most simple of tricks. It's tough and requires complete strength in your entire body - core, legs, back, arms, shoulders - you name it. You've also got to be ok with geting bruised and banged up a bit. I've had countless bruises from working my ass off! No pain, no gain, though - right?!! After only a short while of having and working the pole, I can definitely see gained muscle definition and I can now go upside down and do a handful of tricks!

The brass works wonderfully with my skin. I am so happy I decided to spend the extra money (for the most expensive pole offered lol) because it was worth every last penny! I'm stoked to continue on my poling journey and become a BADASS on it!!!

I decided to share a few youtube pole dancing videos (in no particular order) - these bitches are baaad.

Not everyone can pole, and those who can - make it look so easy. I give them so much credit for the work and time they put in, and the strength and endurance they have to do this.

Jenyne Butterfly

I cannot wait until I'm as dope on my pole as these dancers are on theirs!!!

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Ianstein said...

watched a couple of the videos that you posted...they are really good at what they do. They def make it look easier than it is. Keep up the work and Im sure you will get that way too. It really looks like a a lot of fun.