Friday, March 16, 2012


Makeup. Hair. Bangin Outfit.


I’m sitting on the couch, waiting. 15 more minutes and then I can leave. I will still be early but the anticipation is making me too anxious to wait any longer. I take the last drag of my cigarette and crunch it quickly into the ashtray. I stand up and walk to the wall that is a huge mirror. One last look confirms what I already knew. I look perfect.

As I roll up the sleeves to my jean jacket, I remember should swing by the office. Perfect! That will give me something to do until it’s time…

It’s chilly out as I get into my car. After a slight delay – I am on my way. The time has finally come. I crack my window and feel the chill of the night air. It seems like this moment has taken entirely too long to arrive. My stomach is filled with butterflies and “rainbows and unicorns”. I don’t bother with the speed limit as I get closer. I can practically feel you beside me. I see you. Throw the car into park. Pop the trunk. Run to the back where you are standing… waiting for me… smiling J

I return the beautiful smile and hold myself meaningfully against your body… in your arms. You hold me tight, as if you can’t bear the thought of letting go.

When we finally do let go, I run into the driver’s seat – like I can’t get back to you fast enough. I didn’t want to be separated for a second.

The drive home was fun. In reality it wasn’t a long drive, but it seemed to last forever as we held hands, stole kisses, chatted and smiled the entire ride home…

We remembered what it took to get here, and we were so very thankful that the storm had passed and we had nothing but sunny days awaiting us…

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Anonymous said...

Duh u looked perfect!!!! #badbitch