Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Girls in tight dresses
Who drag with moustaches

Chicks driving fast
Ingenues with long lashes.

Women who long love lust
Women who give.

This is the way
it's the way that we live.

Talking, laughing, loving, breathing
Fighting, fucking, crying, drinking
Writing, winning, losing, cheating
Kissing, thinking, dreaming.

This is the way
it's the way that we live

It's the way that we live.....
And Love.............

- I remember the first time I watched every single episode of every season with you... We locked ourselves up and didn't come out until we had seen it all. We loved it, and couldn't get enough of each other, or of the L word <3 ;)

We had more fun than I could put into words ;) ... and it was so great to spend my birthday with her. There were several reasons for the trip, but one of them was that it was my birthday and she made sure that it was special <3

*more blogs to come on this*

Thank you, for everything...

"Of course I hang on tight, she said.You can't believe the type of stuff that happens when you let go."

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