Thursday, November 3, 2011

Winter Bath

So real quick I wanted to review this bath bomb...

Winter Bath - Christmas 2010

I stocked up on these last year, because they were on super sale so how could I resist, right?

While the colors aren't fascinating, and the smell isn't otherworldy... I like this bath bomb for one reason only.

It's GREAT when you're sick.

I can't remember exactly what's in it - but it smells like Vicks vapor rub... and works like a charm to open up sinuses and drain those runny noses.

It doesn't simmer away quickly, and would be a great bomb to put in a humidifier/vaporizer when feeling under the weather.

I don't see that Lush has brought it back this year... people must not be into Vicks vapor rub baths :) But they have lots of other goodies I'm excited to try, and a few staples I fell in love with last year and need to restock!

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