Friday, November 11, 2011

Days like this should last n’ last n’ last…..

So I have been back from vacation for a while now… It’s taken me so long to write this because I honestly don’t even know where to start.

Texas was just what I needed and so much more.
It was hands down, the best vacation of my life.

I would go into every amazing detail about the events of our trip from start to finish, but you were there, so I don’t need to….

Sunrise and Sunset thousands of miles in the air, a bear hug that required a full smile and my legs wrapped around you at the airport, You’re charm at La Tropicana, a long-out-of-the-way walk to lunch along the river, you’re hard stares from the doorway of the bathroom, our ENTIRE night at Dick’s,… but mainly you standing up for me when someone took it a step too far… twice. Thank you. The long, crazy, blurry, beautiful walk back to the hotel with stops at each bridge, rolling around in the sheets, our filthy dreams..."a dream within a dream", stealing your sleep in the morning… and breakfast J

The long drive back that didn’t feel long at all. Road Trip! Cute little green cacti and neon yellow trees. Junction, with its canyons and breathtaking river that you are required to let me experience… picnic and all J Resting my head in the car and not being able to sit still long enough to *actually* relax because I was so excited. The music you chose. Looking out into the mountains and witnessing hues of autumn that I didn’t know Texas was comprised of. Red on Red. Dry land, with dead black trees looking like something out of the Lion King. The red canvas of Texas that stole my heart on that drive.

“Watch me mind fuck him right now… no, I’m serious… watch.”

You’re friends and their each distinct, fun personalities. How each one brought a different vibe when we approached them, and how each was so different, yet equally enticing. Texas chocolate and Jack Link’s Jerky. Whataburger and BWW’s. Sambuka and Jager bombs… Peaches and Cream. Chain smoking. DEATH METAL. “She gave me a lap dance the whole ride home”, ideas of bacon wallpaper and perfume, and snorting cheeseburgers. Scrabble (you owe me a game) ---“SORRRRRRY!”- laughing until my stomach was sore and there were tears in my eyes- a very non impressive game of Scattergories, and a shared hatred for all those who like (aka win) at Skip-Bo and first person shooter games. I will remember allowing myself to fake delusional feelings for 5 days, and hold on to impossible hopes and fantasies while living in my dream world.

“Get off my yellow’s NUTS!”

“m---yeah…. I would eat a human.” * guilty smirk* J

Always being on the same. exact. page.

Early mornings, and late nights. Sunday morning on the patio, with the dry heat of Texas and the impossibly huge Texas sun pounding gently on my skin, watching you as you walked over to me and wrapped your arms around my body. A perfect fit. Leaning my head back onto your chest with closed eyes and stopping time for a magical, unrealistically perfect moment.

Boats n Hoes. Someone Like you. Irish punk. Classic Rock. Weezer. Hallelujah. Everlast. Ice, Ice Baby. Pardon me. “--Oh shit, shake that ass…. “. ... I just died in your arms tonight.

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