Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Wiccy Magic Muscles

It’s spicy and warm and oh so handy.
It melts easily, as most Lush massage bars and melts do… but I think that makes it nice for when you’re using it. A lot goes a long way, so to speak.
I don’t notice that it helps “sore muscles”, per say… but the smell, and the feel of the oils makes this a nice treat when you’re exhausted. I don’t notice that it “cakes” and “peels” like some lotions when you use a lot of it.
The smell is the seller for me on this one. It kind of reminds me of glogg, with the cinnamony scent. It’s definitely a warmer scent, perfect for the upcoming chilly months. Mine has lasted me since last year around this time, I don’t use it allllll the time, but for as melty as they are… they seem to last a long while.
This also has medium sized “beans” it in – I think those are for the tired muscles sell-off of this particular bar. I have read some people don’t like them, and think they hurt…. But I can’t even tell they’re there. As the bar wears down, the beans fall out and you can feel them more. They're manageable. I had no quams with pain or a mess because of the beans.
Sidenote: Over the summer I put this massage bar in the fridge to keep it preserved while I used others. It didn’t seem to damage it, but a cold massage bar was definitely a bad idea! LOL.
Overall, this massage bar is one of my favorites. If you’ve gotten any from Lush you’ll know that a lot of them smell the same (not all, I have a few other favorites too J). Gross. But this is different and perfect for the cold winter nights

Also - I definitely recommend getting something to store your massage bars in. It doesn't have to be the container Lush sells, just something because they are so melty... and the bag won't last long!

(Chico thought he had to help me set up the shot. LOL)

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