Wednesday, November 2, 2011

shall we dance?

For me, there is nothing more irritating than not getting what I want.

Call it spoiled, whatever... there are very few times when I absolutely cannot have what I want.

This is when I hurl myself into minor, but dramatic tantrums.

Let’s take right now for example:

Right now, at this specific point I hold a few frustrations with not one – but TWO – people who are hovering around in my life.

The first is #hotboss… if you read my “P.S. I love you” post, you’ll get to hear a fragment of our previous “relationship” (I use the word very loosely).  After the “incident”, he has been extremely stand off-ish in a completely “normal” way. He talks work with me – as needed, work, business, yet ignored my invite to a movie. After I asked, very casually…. I decided the road best taken would be to take none at all. I have simply stopped trying. This, for me, is frustrating. It’s not often I don’t get what I want. But with him? I don’t even get the opportunity to TRY. It’s horribly maddening… and #hotboss has now become #unattainableignorantboss J

I would still give anything at a shot to see where a date or two may take us… but I’ve just switched up my game. I’m calling it ‘hard to get’ ;)
Which leads me riiiight into my next minor dilemna. #boytoy.

Oh #boytoy….
Why are you the way you are?
How is it even possible?
So smooth. SO good.
Quite sickening, really.
Perfectly rehearsed lines, and feeding me heaping spoonfuls of your bullshit…
You must not have heard me when I first told you-


So shall we play a small game to get us through this predicament?

… my newest game.

and I refuse to lose.

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