Tuesday, November 15, 2011

happy accidents

I feel like lately I have alot going on in my life. It's exciting, yet exhausting.

I’ve come to a point in my life where, I’m *seriously* asking myself:
“What do you want?”
For those of you who know how indecisive I am – you can imagine my dilemma. After my vacation to Texas, it’s all I can think about. Especially considering that  2 days after I returned to Michigan we seen our first snow. I have been diligently working on moving.
I lay in bed last night, my mind unwilling to work with my body --  and asked myself what it was I really wanted. Did I want to be in Texas? Or am I just enamored with the idea of living in a warm state with an alive, thumping culture? Could I really move across the country by myself, with no family around for holidays and random weekend company?
I don’t have the answers, but I’m working on it. I said a prayer and will leave my fate for God to decide. As for now, I’m going to keep pushing forward and let this thing play out as his will desires.
Another happy accident in my life was this past Sunday. I attended my first “modeling” experience. It was about 45 minutes away, and it was particularly random. I wasn’t as nervous as I would have expected myself to be, the photographer and other models were very pleasant and friendly. I want to slap myself for not asking the woman who did my make-up what kind of foundation she used on me. It was dewy and perfect and I have no idea what it was. Anyways, it was a fun way to spend my Sunday morning – I should have some final shots to post within the week.
For now, here are a few I snapped with my phone...

Sunday morning

Life is good right now, and I’m passively feeling willing, ready and able to take on the world.

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