Monday, November 7, 2011

Snow Globe

Whew! This will definitely wake you up.
Very citrusy (grapefruit oil), it’s not a warming soap (like glogg).
Personally, it’s just too “wide awake” for my taste in scents… it works well, as all Lush soaps do – and I adore the way it looks…
It did leave me feeling a bit dry – again, most Lush soaps do. I didn’t find it any worse or better (moisturizing) than the majority of the soaps I’ve tried from Lush.
It’s not that I’m against citrus smelling soaps, either. I absolutely LOVE the Mandarin Tea Party soap they offered last year (sad to see, it is not available this year – yet at leastL). This is just a bit too “fresh”.
I got this last year around Christmas time, and I still haven’t used it all. I just don’t find myself reaching for it. BUT – if you like the scent, I could see how someone would enjoy this soap.
They brought Snow Globe back this year for the holiday season, costing around $8 for 3.5 ounces.
Personally, I would spend my money elsewhere…

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Beauty Discovered said...

Hey there
Just letting you know that the Australian Lush website sells the Mandarin Tea Party soap. I think if you email them they could let you know what postage would be to the US.
Let me know how you go if you do email them.

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