Tuesday, November 22, 2011

spin doctor

He shaved his head.

Ok, there are people in life.... some who can rock any hair cut, any hair color, any look, and pull it off without question. Then there are others….

The "others" CANNOT pull off any look, so they stick to what they know looks good on them. If they manage to grow the balls to change their look - everyone is usually shocked.

That is how I felt today when I seen #hotboss.

SO - I haven't really seen #hotboss around the office lately. He is busy running his plethora of departments, and I am happily content in my own world that no longer concerns him.

However, occasionally - obviously - I see him, or we have to talk business. I just saw him last Friday, with an issue. He flashed his adorable smile, and eagerly helped me with the problem... even taking out personal time at home to make sure that I got everything I needed.

Friday, he looked great.

Today he caught my eye 5 minutes before we closed...

Now, I didn't think this was even possible - but he looked phenomenal.

Tell me how the most gorgeous person I have ever met could actually look any better?

Well, he managed it.

Go figure.

He is just one of those guys - when he smiles at you, you find yourself blushing. It's almost like his deep brown eyes and charming delight have just made you feel special. As if you light up his life in some profound, intimate way. Like he is smiling through you.

Our circumstances suck. But he missed out on his chance with me, and I’m chalking it up to fate. There’s someone better out there for me. Waiting.

I just hope he can rock a shaved head like #hotboss J

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