Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Vampire Kisses

Vampire Kisses 
by Ellen Schreiber

When I first started reading this book I thought
 “Talk about lame. Totally a vampire book for actual teenagers”. 
The first half of the first book was odd. I wasn’t really into it; I was just reading it because well… that’s what I do J
However, once I got into it and the plot thickened I found myself flying through the books awaiting the next. Personally, I think the books assume a strong kinship with the characters before it is actually there but it doesn’t affect the storyline. I wish she would have spent more time on the relationship to make it more believable, to allow us to feel the bond and the tie that binds BUT . . . what you get is what you get and like I mentioned, even that, I still enjoyed the books and wanted more.
Raven is a complete Goth, one of the kids you look at and “freak” automatically comes to mind. Edgy. Well, this is told through her eyes. She has always wanted to be a vampire, and on her 16th birthday . . . a rumor starts that vampires moved in to the Mansion on the hill. The creepy mansion she once snuck into when she was 11. Raven is a daredevil, who doesn’t care what people think and who speaks her mind. She is quite witty, and I really enjoyed that about her. Alexander is the Goth boy she meets who moved into the mansion and he may…or may not be a vampire.
You will have to read the books to find out J
Anyways, the series takes Raven and the love of her life Alexander on many ups and downs, ins and outs, scary adventures and romantic dates that seem like too much for one high school Goth to handle. Between the boring town she lives in, to the uber hip town she visits her aunt in and everywhere in between, each book and each chapter has something going on!

Here are the books in order:
  1. Vampire Kisses
  2. Kissing Coffins
  3. Vampireville
  4. Dance With a Vampire
  5. The Coffin Club
  6. Royal Blood
  7. Love Bites
  8. Cryptic Cravings (May 2011)

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