Saturday, March 5, 2011

Todays and Tomorrows

My Futile Fears

·    Death – I think it scares everyone. If you let it get to you though, it can start running your life, and affecting the way you live.

·   Getting Old
o    What I will look like
o    How will my body hold up (health wise, skin, hair, eyesight)
o    Handling all of life’s complications
§  Life’s un-expectancies (is that a word?)
                     examples: Totaled car, medical expenses, . . . etc.
§  Taxes
§  Mortgages
§  Retirement plans
§  Stocks
§  I understand none of the above J

·    Getting rear ended – Have you ever been rear ended? I mean HARD. Yeah, it sucks.

·    Being alone – For the rest of my life. What if I never find that “one”? What if I am 80 years old, in a home, with no kids, and no family? Yes. Scary.

·    Future – Where will I be? Will I be here? How will I turn out? What If I don’t get a good job and wind up broke with nothing but stress? This one is a biggie.

·    Getting jumped, robbed – I walk to work. I work and live downtown. Yes, I think about it. It could happen, and I would be freaking traumatized.

·    Losing my parents, family, and friends – You never really know how much the people in your life mean to you until
                       1. You lose someone very close to you or
                       2. They are gone and its too late
      I always knew I would be a hot mess when my parents pass away, but this fear really reared its ugly head when my sister passed away. You learn to appreciate the ones you love in a whole new light.

·    Being broke – Student loans – ‘nuff said.

·    Getting a disease. – Every time I feel a pain in my hips, I think it could be lupus. I know this is ridiculous because my sisters hips went bad AFTER she was diagnosed with lupus, but I swear it’s always in the back of my brain. This could also go under the old age category. Thankfully, thus far I have always been healthy.

In the end they are all pointless concerns, because either it is bound to happen, like death and old age, or I won’t know until I get there anyways.

 I guess for the fears of tomorrow, I leave it in God’s hands so they don’t affect my actions for today.

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Ianstein said...

Interesting Topic. I also fear those things...but only if I stop and think about them.
My biggest Futile Fear is Open Heart Surgury.