Sunday, March 13, 2011


This is a topic I actually think about often. Every time I meet someone new, or someone who my personality doesn’t “gel” with, or even people like the big wigs at work.
You guessed it, Faking it.
Why do we do this? And I know some people don’t. I have met people who are the exact same around their bosses as they are to the homeless guy on the street.
Sometimes I envy people who are so comfortable with themselves.
 I can speak for myself when I say sometimes my personality completely changes depending on who I am talking to. You know those times… when you meet someone, or are trying to “impress” someone (ex. Someone’s parents, employers, etc.) and you put on that cheese eatin’ grin and fake it like you care HARDCORE with your best lines. . .
Do we do this because of nervousness? Or is it the fear of being judged for who we really are?
Don’t you think if we were trying to impress someone,… we should be ourselves?
It’s funny too because at some point, everyone fakes it.
For example….
·         No, that outfit doesn’t make you look fat.
·         Oooh what a cute baby!
·         I had such a good time!

Yeah, you know you’ve done it.

So, why can’t we just say what the hell we are really thinking or feeling?
What is it with not being able to speak our mind? We have no problem bitching about the service at a resturaunt, but we can’t tell a friend her outfit looks like shit.
Weird, right?

Maybe we really did learn something from Disney movies
 “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all” J

But if you ask me, I still think it’s better to be honest and speak your mind than protect someone from getting their feelings hurt.

Sometimes the truth hurts, and that’s the truth.

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Ianstein said...

Sometimes I do think it is necessary to just lie rather than tell the truth....for example, Your Mom ask me if this outfit she had on made her look fat...I told her no...the Fat on her Body made her look fat....Big Mistake !! :)

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