Thursday, March 3, 2011


What is it with being afraid to fail?
Afraid to try out in case you aren’t good enough.
 Afraid to try a new haircut in case it looks bad.
Afraid to ask someone out because of rejection.
Afraid of stepping over the edge in case we may fall….
My undiscovered talents blog got my gears a workin and thinking about failing. Why is it we are so afraid of failing?
Is it something that is engrained into our brains during childhood?
Is it the result of past failures that scar us forever?
My thoughts on failure (and I am no saint, I am definitely guilty of being held back by this fear), is that we have to live through some bad to know what the good is. To know how to separate them. Isn’t that how we grow and learn? By failing and succeeding?
For example, if you never scrape your knee, or get brain freeze from a slushee then how would you learn? And on the other hand, some failures can really be considered successes. . . depending on your outlook.
I used to be much more confident in high school. I think my age has gotten to me.
I remember one day I wore this strapless one piece leopard print (yes full leaopard print from top to bottom) jumpsuit. I thought it was sexy. And it was. Other people may have thought I had officially fallen off my rocker but I didn’t care. I loved that damn jumpsuit and I was going to wear it. When I think back. . .1. I really surprise myself that I had the courage to not care at such a young age and 2. I wish I still had that damn jumper J
On the other hand, I have never had to ask someone out on a “date”. I have always been the “askee” not the “asker” and honestly – I don’t think I would have the courage to.
My point here people, is that we are all afraid of failing at something, if not many things. How do we fix it? Do we jump all in, to conquer our fears? Or take small steps to move forward?

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Ianstein said...

You jump all in I say. It has been my expierence that if you face your fears head on....they are never as bad as you originally thought they were.
I believe in this quote:


Love your blog

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