Monday, January 17, 2011

Bringing Sexy Back

From the beginning. . .
 I've been an AVID tanner since I was 16. I worked at a few tanning salons which made it easy (and trust me, I know this is horrible) to tan once, sometimes twice a day with the best lotions and beds out there. Skipping a day was unheard of.
I continued to tan even when my sister got sick (Lupus sometimes is affected by the sun and Timberlys was BIGTIME, she always had to wear sunblock and wasn’t out in direct sunlight for more than short periods of time). It had become a habit, an addiction really.
When my sister passed away my mother asked one thing of me. That’s it. One thing…. Can you guess what it was?
She wanted me to stop tanning.
Stop. Like, cold turkey quit.
Honestly, I don’t know what it was… Maybe just losing my baby sister, the depression that I was already dealing with, the heartache I felt for my parents… I don’t know, but I told her I would.
Here we are one year and 8 months later and I have not been in a tanning booth NOR have I laid outside (ok, I’m a liar… I read a book with one of my friends while sun bathing over the summer… but I had SUNBLOCK on… not my normal tanning oil). And I gotta say,… I’m bringing pale BACK, bitches!  There are so many things I actually LOVE about my skin tone (some things I don’t too, of course) and I am starting to see how beautiful fair skin can be! It’s all about how you ROCK it!
Just to name a few things I love about my fair skin:
1.       I won’t look 50 when I turn 30
2.       I save a shit ton of money every month J
3.       I save 20 minutes a day of my time
4.       I have de-creased my chances of getting skin cancer

Honestly . . . I hope fair skin makes a comeback, you know, like when super pale fat women used to be the “ideal”? Ok… maybe not the fat part but only because it’s not healthy.
Let’s face it ya’ll…. Pale is SEXY!

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